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What to Expect

Here at 27thResponse we focus on mastering the basics to excel in your craft. It requires a specific mindset, and specific individual and a specific drive. We want to make you better not only as firearms owner, but as an overall decision maker. Understanding your "WHY" behind each decision helps to build a strong foundation for life. As a firearms owner, user and as a protector. Our overall goal is to build a community of like minded individuals who are ready, able and willing to protect those around them, and be assets to society.

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What They’re Saying

I was able to share the range with John back when I attended my first S.W.A.T. school. A few things immediately stood out to me about John.He had a presence, it was obvious he stays in excellent physical condition, and the second and most impressive was his professionalism. John was all business, when it was time to train, we trained hard, when it was time to learn, he was patient and was able to present the knowledge in various ways to help different students understand the same concept. In my opinion, it's guys like John who we should learn from. Guys who walk the walk. They have the skills and the lifestyle. You won't be upset learning rifle and pistol with him, take one class and you'll see what I mean."


I have had the privilege of training with John on many occasions and from the first to the last time, 3 things have been consistent themes. Safety, breadth and open mindedness. 

Safety. It is cool to shoot guns. It is fucking awesome to learn how to shoot properly. It is life changing learning how to shoot properly with an elevated heart rate. You cannot and should not do any of those things without a safe learning environment. Every time John teaches, safety is non negotiable. Whether he is teaching a first time shooter or experienced public safety professionals, there is a commitment to safety.

Breadth. Whether you are looking for pistol, carbine or precision rifle instruction, 27th response is the right choice. If you have never touched a firearm before and want to learn the basics, consider yourself a novice or regularly train, 27th response is the right choice. If you are a casual shooter, patrol level professional or entry team member, 27th response is the right choice. 

Open minded. I firmly believe to be a good teacher, you have to be a good student. I first met John when I was a course director for a training he was attending as a student. As a student he did all the small things right every time, his attention to detail was evident from the start. Fast forward and getting to train with him and teach with him has been a fantastic experience. John listens. Actually listens, not just waits for his turn to speak. John’s ability to question traditional training methodologies has pushed him to the front of the pack when it comes to high level instruction.

Dennis L
Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office